Saturday, March 11, 2006

socks socks and more socks

i need to get rolling on the sockapaloooza socks.
but first, i have to knit some socks for my sister in law.
i will be jumping on the jaywalker bandwagon and trying to knit them on one long circular.
it's practice for my sockapaloooza pal.

lets look at some other socks fist pair. i made them a couple of years ago.

awww...aren't they cute! (dear daughter wanted to be in the picture with the socks too!)
actually, they are not really my first pair, but they are my first pair with actual sock yarn.
i knit some slipper socks in highschool with some really horrible acrylic stuff...
these ones are pretty nice i think.. of course, i have jogs in between the needles...but they've almost all but disappeared with washing.

these are the pair i made for my first sockapalooza pal....

i thought they would be identical since i used two balls and knit from the centre each time, but they weren't....fraternal twins she called them.

these ones came from my sockapalooza pal...

they are so comfortable i wear them ALL THE TIME!
she also sent these little anklets..that are so cute.
she also sent me my first koigu!! i LOVE the colour...
i left it in it's hank for a long time so i could just stare at it.
i wound it and started some of alison's ankle socks...but haven't finished them yet...
i think i'm afraid to finish them because then it will be all gone and i know i'm going to be addicted to koigu buying.

so here's the progress on my sister in law's jaywalkers:

it's hard to get a really good picture of the colours...but i'm loving the way this is knitting up.

for my sockapaloooza pal, i will knit some toe up jaywalkers (to teach myself a new way of doing things). they will be knit with this:

some yarn i got from a LYS. again, it's hard to see the exact colour contrast, but it's very pretty.

socks socks socks....


lala and gleen said...

The yarn shop a mere 5 min from your home sounds fabulous!!! If you're ever in Nova Scotia, come and check out the Gaspereau Fibre Shop - a delightful barn/shop chaulk full of treasures, animals, fibres and more!!!

Keep on knitting,
cheers, Lala