Wednesday, March 15, 2006

frog frog and more frog

so i was finished the heel flap, turned the heel and realized i had been making some mistakes on the i ripped a few rounds out, then i lost i ripped back a little more..then i REALLY lost basically i lost a whole mornings worth of knitting.
didn't get much done last night as i was feeling ill.

i got my hepatitis A and B shots to go to Kenya in july (yes, Kenya...check out this link to see who we are working with. we are going to work with AIDS orphans..want to help? e-mail me at and i can send you a link)

so the shots in the arm felt like...well, shots to the arm...i felt like i had been kicked really hard in both also made me feel like i had the flu, after just coming out of having last weeks cold...hubby was out and all i wanted was for the kids to go to bed so i could lay down and sleep.

hubby had to leave at 4:45am to go to toronto for a training thing and the kid must have heard him get up because the baby woke up at 4:20am and didn't go back to brain is mush....

so, i am recovering today and i have already fixed the whole heel flap, heel and am back on track!! but not much more progress....