Friday, March 17, 2006

sock update

I was doing well....zipping along on my jaywalkers...did the heel, no problem....
then i hit an "oops"
i'm not sure exactly what happened but i think i got carried away with the decreases and did too many, so i ripped back.
then i couldn't find my place, so i ripped another row, then i REALLY couldn't find my i ripped some more...soon i gone so far back that i ripped out the beautiful heel!! sigh
it was okay though...i managed to fix it, get myself back on count and make up for lost time. i ruined a day of progress, so this is what i have so far:
Oh wait a minute, doesn't that sock look exactly like the sock from two days ago....yes, that's because i'm at the SAME POINT! ...not good since the SIL's birthday is coming up soon...but i'm loving how fast these socks knit up....and i LOVE the pattern...and i'm loving knitting them with one long circular.
i don't think the needles are long enough..they are only 24'' and are pulling a little bit. that's all the LYS had though...i think i need me some addi's.....but that will be after easter, after the "no frivolous shopping for lent" decree.

i will need to make some for me...after i finish these...after i finish my sockapaloooza pals socks...