Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I smell a new addiction...

one day I found hubby googling knitting products...this was just before valentines day, but silly me didn't clue in, until I got the ball winder.
he was telling me about knowing-someone-who-knew-someone who took apart sweaters and made other items, who apparenlty lives not too far from me...

longer story short--I ended up googling some yarn products and found that there is a little piece of knitting heaven so close to me.

now--I haven't been to the store yet, but you have to see this website for rosehaven farms.
as well as being a sheep farm, they have a store that sells sheep related items..the also have a knitting store that has cool yarn that I have only dreamed about seeing up close! you see, I live in a little town..which borders on other little cities..none of whom have really cool LYS's that I have found.
so when I read about koigu, manos del Uruguay, rowan I can usually only see it on the internet.
this little shop has it all!!!
and get this...I went for a drive today and found it accidentally---and it's LESS THAN 5 MINUTES FROM MY HOUSE!
the kids were 1/2 asleep in the car, otherwise I think I would have gone in just to drool over the yarn.
that, and I gave up frivolous spending for lent (not that yarn is really frivolous, but I don't need any right now)
they also have local handspun, local silk/alpaca yarn.
and as they are a sheep farm--they have a wool barn full of fleece, and roving for spinners and felters....
read more:
"Our Events component has been expanded this year. The season begins with Shearing Day on April 23, a great day to see sheep sheared and baby lambs. Then in May we offer 2 workshops in Needlefelting and a Knitters Getaway with Mags Kandis of Mission Falls Yarns. In June we offer workshops in Dyeing and also Wet Felting. A registration package is available. Then County Fibrefest is set for July 23. This is a one-day celebration of the fibre arts and fibre animals. Come face to face with alpacas, angora goats, llamas, Angora rabbits and cashmere goats, as well as sheep. Enjoy shearing, vendors, fibre crafts and demos, and marvel as Border Collies outwit the woollies".
(sounds like fun!)

and they have a Knitters Getaway with Mags Kandis of Mission Falls Yarns.
edited to add: i e-mailed Linda to ask about this years event and she let me know that Mags will be involved in a day workshop entitled "The Fun of Embelishment"
the Knitters Getaway in May will take place, but i don't know who will be involved.

didn't know this was here..all in my own backyard..

oooh----I have seen local spinners at the fair and at other events, but now that i'm a knitting blog addict, I am enjoying reading all about all the spinning that others do.
wow...blows my mind...
I am thinking that happy Easter to me will include a trip to this shop...


lcord said...

I'd love to have a yarn shop that close to me, sounds like they have a great selection.

Your finished project looks great, I really like the variation of purple. I feel your pain about seaming I think it's one of those things where the more you do it the better it gets.