Tuesday, October 06, 2009

My People!!!

This morning I piled in a car with some other Spinners/Knitters and went on a road trip to Cambellford for the 20th annual Spin In!

I've never been before, but it was tons of fun.

The Warkworth/Campbellford Spinners GUild has been hosting a Spin In for 20 years--a day to get together for all thigns fibre, buy some things, make some new friends and SPIN.

This is Lori, owner of the Black Lamb in Port Hope.

I saw her as soon as I walked in the door and showed her my sweater :)

We had our names entered in a draw for some awesome prizes/gift baskets at the end of the day, received a cute little lavender sachet and we were off to Spin.

I bought some bumps of roving from Kim at Cornerstone Fibres (I have bought some wonderful Corriedale from her before and loved it).

This is what I spun all day.
I am going to ply it with this (this is me, branching out of my colour scheme)
I'm going to make a very warm wonderful shawl.

I also bought some new black dye since my other stuff is giving me fits.

I saw Alvin Ramer (THE Alvin Ramer of Wool Combs fame) and his lovely wife Barbara Anne

Lots of food....mmmm lamb burgers

lots of people
(This is Muriel with her sister, who doesn't Spin and was gracious enough to give Muriel her wool door prize--for Muriel to Spin and give back!! ;) )

This is a picture with just some of the people there (I couldn't take in the whole room)
There were more than 100 people sitting down at any given time, and more people that came and went throughout the day

lots of fibre everywhere.
(3 Alpaca Farmers, Yarn Store owners, Shepherds with their fleeces, Dyers, makers of things)

and on the way home, we may have stopped at the Worlds Finest Chocolate store... (amazing chocolate that is so inexpensive that you want to buy the whole store...)

It was a good day


Ballee said...

that looks great! We (in The Netherlands) had the same, last weekend, take a look at my blog for pictures if you like!

Naomi said...

Worlds finest is a cruel place...
It's so easy to get fat fast thanks to them.
& I don't even like chocolate that much!!