Monday, October 05, 2009

Bloggety blog blog

So, I used to be a really good blogger.
I'd blog every day.
I seemed to have, exciting things to report...

Where has that gone??

I am aiming to do better, and am going to try this:

Got the idea from here

We'll see how it goes!

Today's post is all about the fibre-y stuff

I love yarn.
I love fibre
I actually said a few weeks ago: "I have too much wool"
and meant it

I have stopped buying yarn and fibre (and have for a while now), I don't' belong to the Spunky Eclectic Fibre Club anymore (I loved it, but it was getting to be $$ since my Etsy store isn't hopping right now)...and I wasn't taking the time to spin up what I have.

I have purchased a couple of fleeces, been given some fleece, participated in a Sheep to Shawl and brought the leftovers home...
I dye yarn, therefore I have many pounds of sock yarn around....

BUT: I love it all...
It makes me happy.

This is my new love:

My first batt

My friend Karen scored a drum carder and wheel in a super amazing auction sale (actually, someone else found them, but Karen brought them home ;)
She let me borrow the drum carder to try out some stuff

I dyed up some Superwash Merino/Nylon blend and carded them together.

It's basically the Goth Punk Princess colourway that I've dyed in yarn and fibre before...

Anyways, more fibrey stuff

Tomorrow is the 20th Anniversary of the Campbellford Spin In and I get to go!
We cancelled our monthly Spinning Guild Meeting since a lot of us are going to the Spin In.

I'm going to be wearing this:

and will show it to Lori of the Black Lamb, since I purchased the Fibre from her store



Michelle Found said...

Me thinks you're not blogging regularly due to high regular doses of Benedryl.

Hello, my name's AnnMarie. I'm a Benedryl-a-holic. My last Benedryl was 17 hours ago.

It's OK, Sadie-girl.... we understand..... and love you anyways.

"Ma Critter"
Michelle Found

Ann-Marie said...

She who carries controlled narcotics no longer readily available *cough Percocet cough* should not throw stones wink wink

p.s. i have taken 1/2 a Benadryl this year....looooooooopy

Michelle Found said...

For your in-for-ma-tionnnnnn....

I had ONE Demerol pill that I carried around with me. I know it's an eight-year-old pill, but I'm sure on e-bay, it'd be worth quite a bit!

And I THINK you meant to type 1/2 CASE of Benedryl.... Ms. Loooopy

Michelle Found