Wednesday, October 07, 2009


This was the fastest Knit I've done in a long time.

I was playing around with making some mittens out of handspun, but the yarn was not good for the pattern and it was a bit fiddly.
I found a pattern to try, cast on, kept knitting and by the end of the night I had one mitten half finished.
(the colour is truer in the first picture)

Cast on the next one the next night and almost finished it...Knitting in the car while on the way to the Spin In, finished it up last night and today made the thumbs.

The yarn was spun from this wool

From Lori at "FromtheWoolroom".
It's a Targhee roving, in the "Sangria" colourway

Yummy, soft, squooshy.

Yeah mittens!


Aesox said...

Nice looking mittens!! Good work! I love the feeling of taking fiber and making it into something :)

Janna said...

love it --- I want to see a picture of you wearing them!

Clotilde M said...

Love that fiber! It looks downright gorgeous.

Naomi said...

hey Ann-Marie!
I LOVE that I found your blog. :) I linked it to mine -

I'm looking forward to talking 'knitting' with you on Friday...I plan on bringing my needles and some yarn...hoping you can show me a few tricks!

See you then!

sarah lou said...

those are fun! what pattern? i'm planning to do some peekaboo mittens from some handspun...