Sunday, July 12, 2009


Today Princess B and I went for a drive to Port Hope to visit the Black Lamb and we got to see lots of Spinners who were gathering for a Spin In Public Event.

I needed to buy some Superwash Merino for a sweater I am spinning and I wanted to buy some undyed fibre to dye for my Wool Club, and my store.

It was nice that the Spin In was that day too--I got to meet some "online friends"
Cindy Cole and Matt, who I "know" from Plurk and Ravelry

They had planned the even and people had been Spinning all day by the time we arrived.

First of all I shopped in Laurie's basement o' fibre (seriously--an entire basement full of fibre--the colours were awesome and she has a lot of undyed fibre)

I came home with this:

2 pounds of Turquoise Superwash Merino for a sweater for me

1 pound of "PINK" Superwash Merino that Princess Brenna spotted for a sweater for her

some lovely Superash Merino/Nylon for dyeing.

Matt gited me some Red and Black wool which I plan to spin into a hat for Aidan.