Saturday, June 27, 2009

School's out!!!

School was out for Princess B on Tuesday and it's been crafts and swimming ever since.

This week B learned to swim down to the bottom of the pool and get the dive rings:

We made fireworks the other day--with cupcake liners, paper, paint and markers.

I found the idea here

(We didn't have black paper, so we did it on white and Princess B decorated the sky later)
These were mine:

She saw an infomercial for these Bendaroos. a few weeks ago and it seemed like fun--so I ordered them
She spent 2 hours yesterday afternoon creating things.
The first thing she made was for her brother (awwww).
Knowing he likes Spiderman, she made him a "mask" and a Spider which she put on his bedroom wall.

She made flowers,

(This she modelled after a bunny from a Japanese craft book)

birds and more!

Today, my sister, BIL and nephew are coming to camp for the Family Camp week--so we are going to be out there and back every day.
A summer of fun indeed!



Michelle said...

Yippeeeee Brennaaaaaaaa! Congratulations on your amazing pool skills!!!!!!

Have fun at Wesley Acres.