Saturday, January 01, 2000


I have always wanted to go to Africa, specifically Kenya.

Maybe maybe because we had many friends and relatives who were missionaries there maybe it was seeing "Out of Africa" as a kid.

This opportunity came to us in November when I jumped into a conversation with a virtual stranger and then I was hooked!

We will working with an orphanage which is home to AIDS orphans and street kids.there are millions and millions of AIDS orphans and street kids in Africa.
The director of the orphanage is a former street kid himself, who has a heart for all these lost, precious children.
Can you imagine coming home one day to fine your parents gone because they could no longer afford to feed you? Some of these kids are 10 years old, drug addicted, prostituting themselves for money for food. Mr Mully has taken these kids in, and the changes are remarkable. The Mully schools rank #1 in Kenya national testing year after year! Amazing!

We will be helping with day to day operations, schooling, work projects and whatever else is needed.
We will be bringing money to help where the "most need" is, which could be a water pump, food, medicine, books or whatever that specific need is.

If you can find it in your heart to give, the more money we raise the more we are able to give to these kids.

You can e-mail me at for more info.

If you'd like to donate online, please go under "contributions" you can make an online donation and direct it to:SWIFT-KAM-MacKay.All donations over $10 are tax deductible and they will NOT solicit you for funds in the future.
you can to see more about the orphanage.

Any questions?Drop me a line.

edited to add: oh, i almost forgot! there may be knitting in africa as well!! a woman who went last year thought "what can i do with my skills" and taught the girls at the orphanage to knit! now they are making little scarves, pot holders etc to sell and earn money for the orphanage. this woman aslo asked for yarn donations from her church and filled her dining room! she decided to take the extra yarn and make ponchos and kits to sell for extra support. i bought a kit for my sister for christmas and it turned out beautifully..i should post a picture here sometime.