Tuesday, September 08, 2009

First day of school

aka My baby is growing up.
Aidan is almost 4.5 and started JK this year.
He's been so excited waking up early and asking every day to pack his Spiderman lunchbag.

During this past summer he participated in a School readiness program that ran 8:30am-2pm daily and was teaching routines, expectations units on Math, Nature, Science etc (in Kindergarten terms)

He had a blast and still asks almost every day whether he can go back to that classroom.

I made them some special Cinnamon buns and packed up their lunches.

He was all ready to go early, had his backpack on and let Daddy do his "Dude hair"

He didn't quite want to sit still for picutres, but he gave me this classic Aidan face.
(We like to make faces at eachother at dinner--when he's crabby I know that little game will get him laughing)

Princess Brenna has decided that her best picture is taken when her head is almost sideways--it's her "cute face"..

We got there with about a minute before they were to line up. Brenna agreed to look out for her brother and they held hands over to the line.
We decided we would walk in to show Aidan where to put his backpack...there are 5 kids in his JK class and it's a split with Brenna's Grade 1 class--so they get to be in the same room!

They sat on the floor, were fine and then we left....

We let Aidan choose his dinner for first day (Just as we did with Brenna) he chose Subway and was nice and tired at the end of the day!