Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sweater progress

I have been making great strides (or great arms) on my Handspun sweater.

Funny thing, when you actually sit down to Knit something--you make progress.

(Pardon the pool hair)

I love being able to try on the sweater as I go (note to self, don't try on sweater with the needles still in it while it's small enough to just go over your sweater....Others have tried doesn't work)

Since this picture I have finished the back and one sleeve..One or two more nights and this baby will be done!

I am happy to report that I will NOT run out of yarn. This is not me being hopeful--I know for a fact that I will have enough yarn. I left the bottom on a holder (not finishing the ribbing just yet) to let the rest of the skeins go for the sleeves. I had allotted myself 2 skeins each for the sleeves, and used only one for the first sleeve.

I will add a bit more length to the back and the figure out what to do with the collar. Looking back (actually I thought of it at the time) I should have done a provisional cast on for the collar--which would leave me " live" stitches to just pick up and knit later....but we shall see what I come up with.


Michelle said...

Cool pool hair, you hot babe.


Maggie said...

I think it's good you didn't cast on provisionally. Right now the collar is not stretchy, so when you pick up around it to knit the collar (and button bands, if you want), you will have a stable neckline and when you drape your sweater around a chair or something, the neckline won't stretch out.

I won't even knit baby garments without a seam in the neckline.

Congratulations on the sweater, btw! I still haven't spun for and knit a big project.

VictoriaD said...

Wow, that is looking so good. And I too love your hot pool hair <3

Do you know it's been over 2 months since I've picked up any needles other than to move them into another room? I really need to get started on my winter sweater project, just can't seem to find the time (she says as she heads off to empty and clean the laundry room :P )

Charles (Stitchstud) said...

Nice sweater! I've seen the completed version on Flickr. !:)

Will you be going to the K-W fair?

I'm going for the first time this year! Woowoo!!