Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer's here!

(The first 3 Strawberries from our garden)

Well, maybe not officially summer, but it feels like it.
Hubby did a super fast, super easy opening of the pool this year--which is great since we've had some really sticky days already.
Princess B is excited to come home from school and swim before and after supper.

Little man has been taking swimming lessons (A Birthday present from Grandma and Grandpa)--and is using some of his new skills (floating, gliding,
swimming on his own)

Start of summer also means Soccer season!. Soccer us HUGE in this area (Hockey is big in the winter, but in the summer--Soccer is it)

Princess B is playing in the under 7 league and is very excited to play for the McDonald's team (Free ice cream cones,
dontcha' know)

Little man is not playing this year, but gets very excited to put on his soccer shirt and cheer as loud as he can. He also likes rolling around on the grass!

I've also been Knitting (again, I can't show pictures--so that is really boring), and making stuff.

Oh wait, I can show a picture of this:

It's a little Knitted Acorn bag that I test knit for a fellow Plurkie (
Plurk is like Twitter but WAY cooler--Twitter makes no sense to me, I cant follow the conversations. Plurk is laid out like conversations and e-mail--all the responses stay together. I 've been on it for a year and have made friends, sold stuff from my Etsy store by posting there first--test knit stuff, etc etc--Join, it's way cool)

So, this Acorn bag is a cute little project bag that you can take your knitting along in--space for a skein of sock yarn, needles etc--Cute little handle on the top!

So, Erin should be releasing the pattern soon--You can see her pattern specs on
Rav here

I've made a lot of bread lately, and some homemade yogurt from this tutorial.
I'm not a fan of plain yogurt (I find it too sour)but I can eat this plain--it's that good.
I've mixed some with strawberries and I love it!

So that's what I've been making....(My brain has so many ideas lately, no time and/or hours to do the things I want)

Oh--I have made some soap for the first time in a long time.
The bug hit me one day and I whipped up a batch of Bamboo/Teak scented soap.
(It sounds strange--but I have a Bamboo air freshener
that smells so light and fresh that I wanted to find a soap scent to match).

It's naturally coloured with
Chlorophyll and smells divine!


Ida said...

Ummmm, fresh strawberries.

perpstu said...

Those strawberries look delicious, your children are adorable and yum! You have been very busy being crafty lately!

The acorn bag is so cute!

Kellie Huffman said...

that project bag is so adorable!

loopykd said...

I never understood why people would make their own yogurt when you have to buy yogurt to make it. It confuses me.

Michelle said...

Sadie, you are one busy woman lately!!!!!! When I grow up, I wanna be just like you.

I saw on Google Chat that Kevin has been soap sampling. I must go up and sniff around him to see what spice he smells like.... hahaha

Soccer is full steam here too... Jared plays for a trucking company, so does that mean he'll get a truck ride? He's had dozens and dozens and dozens of those over the years! And Jake plays for a trust company.... wonder what he'll get! I think they'd like an ice cream cone more! haha

OK, I'm rattling.... sorry. I know, it's not all about MEEEEE!!!

Craving strawberries now.

Janna said...

Now there's a summer post - outdoor games, water fun, strawberries and crafting (cause crafting is an all-year long activity, don't ya know?)
Loved the acorn bag - what a cool idea.
Last thought - so glad you guys aren't facing a strike situation like we are here in big ol TO ... no soccer due to insurance issues, though, thankfully for us, baseball continues (figure that one out!?!) :-P