Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A weekend of, that is

I went to my sisters this past weekend to attend her Church's Ladies Retreat.
I drove down on Friday morning--(with a stop in Kingston to pick up some Corriedale wool from this lovely vendor).

We had a couple of hours before the event started--so we went shopping. We sprayed perfume on ourselves, I bought an awesome Green jacket that actually fits across the shoulders (glee!) and I fell in love with the Christmas Tree Store once again. (Hello: Spring Shrubs for $3.99??)

We had a great time Friday night at the retreat--and the pranking started right away.
(Our entire suite--2 rooms--were Saran Wrapped, all the towels and toilet paper taken)

We had a Bridal Shower for one of the girls the first night, complete with some fake gifts...and decorations.

and a special guest (one of the College guys dressed up as "Patricia")

I had some tricks of my own (courtesy of my girls from my Church)--however we may have crossed a line or 2 during the weekend.

We stayed up waayyyy too late but had a lot of fun.

There are more photos out there (mine are posted here because Facebook will not let me upload pictures for some reason)

Saturday afternoon I found my most sought item: A duvet cover for our bed. I have been searching for years for one that is not $200, or so thin that the dog would scratch through it.
It is a nice dark brown, sturdy and I paid $10 for it, not the $150 that was suggested.

We had a lovely dinner Saturday night with my sisters BIL who is leaving for Iraq soon and will be gone for 9months.
It's been a while since the family has seen him--and I haven't seen him since my sisters wedding 9 years ago.

We stayed up way too late again looking at old yearbook photos and trying to find old friends on Facebook.
After a great sub for lunch and some crazy pictures

with my nephew (we are pretending to slip on the wet floor--note the cool new Green Jacket!),

I had a much needed nap and drove home.
Hubby had taken the cord out of the car, so I couldn't attach my Mp3 player for podcast listening-so it was all radio all night.
I heard some great documentaries about Bob Dylan and The Beatles.

I didn't get nearly any knitting done this weekend but since that time have finished one sleeve on my February Lady Sweater. I only have about 25 pattern repeats for the second sleeve and then I'm done....



Janna said...

WOW - a $10 Duvet??!!!! Are you serious?? If you ever, ever see one for that price again, you can get two!!!

Michelle said...

Sadie, I like the daisy on the door. Too bad some people don't have a sense of humour. Too much starch in their britches, maybe. But I'm glad you still had a good time with my fellow member from the "Beautiful Aunt Michelle's of North America Club". Congrats on the jacket (you look MAH-vel-ous) and bonus points for the duvet!!!

Also, Jon & I dropped your hubby off, along with Blake, Sally, & Emily, at the bus BEFORE 5am! Wa-hoo! I NEVER get to places early! Let me know when you hear from them, because I can pretty much guarantee Blake won't check in!

PS - you and Victoria need to update your blogs more often! Get to it, girl. What in tarnations do you do with all your free time anyways???? :O)