Thursday, March 12, 2009

School fun

Not sure if I blogged this before, but Princess B switched schools over the Christmas Break and now attends Sonrise Christian Academy.
The School Principal contacted Andrew a week before Christmas to discuss the possibility of the kids attending and we jumped at the chance.
We decided to switch her over Christmas since our Friends' son is attending JK this year and they are int he same class.

I had fun this past week helping with a school trip that was to the Sugar Bush at Westlake Willows.
Sophie and Scott have some Maple Trees on the property and have tapped the trees and made syrup for a couple of years anyways.

They, as always, were great hosts!
We had a tractor/wagon ride (or 2) to drive around the property to spy Maple trees.

They have hot-chocolate and coffee (not for the kids!),

S'more making stuff, a bonfire and a station where the kids could actually drill into a Maple tree and practice putting a spout in!

They also got to come home with their own bottle of syrup with their face on the label!

It was SO COLD that day that the sap was not running, but we got to see inside the boiler (actual name??) at some sap from the previous day(s).

It was a great day--the kids had so much fun, and so did I

Thanks so much!


Michelle said...

Hey Sadie, that's cool how they made labels with the kids' faces on them. It looks like fun. Parents have as much fun on the school trips as the kids. Only difference is that we remember it better. (Until we get older and start forgetting stuff.... hahaa.... I'm doing that NOW!)