Saturday, February 07, 2009

Things that make me happy

So the January blahs have turned into the February blues for me...
I can't wait for the sun to start shining.

I tend to get cranky and complain-y around this time of season--but instead of complaining, I"ve been refocusing myself to think of the positives and things that make me happy.

I am very blessed. Our family is healthy. Hubby's job allows me to stay home with the kids and has allowed us to remain in this community.

We have been blessed that Princess B (and A when he starts) can attend this school.
We have a car that works (well, it's in need of a big job--but (YEAH!) covered under warranty.) and live a town small enough that we can walk where we need to.

I have a hobbies I love (knitting, spinning, soap making and dyeing) that give me a little spending money to do more of the those hobbies.

I have won free yarn, stitch markers, knitting books, CD's, DVD's, a diamond cross pendant and my new favorite contest win:

A digital/video Mp3 player!

and I have been doing my homework Mrs Cylka--see:

BSG Season one--Ep 1
(I have them all on the computer but could not figure out what program I needed to burn them--this way I just attach my player--drag and drop it over and wait for it to convert the file format for me).
I love this thing and am very thankful.

I am thankful for the things that I have.

We live pretty inexpensively--I'm glad that we have always done so, because when the economy is the way that it is and we don't have money to spend--I can shop in my own yarn stash, watch movies borrowed from a friend, get furniture and clothing from Freecycle, find crazy bargains (A $2 t-shirt and $2 skirt from GT boutique) and do things at home that make me happy.

I'm also trying to find more ways to live simpler-make my own bread, use up food before I shop (I'm going to try to only shop for essentials like milk/juice/etc and try to use up all my freezer/cupboard food before I shop again..)


Janna said...

If there ever was a Cylon attack on earth, I'm sure you would be one of the survivors and you would do just fine!
I LOVED this post. Living "simply" doesn't mean living worse . . . I believe that in most aspects, it's living better!
You rock!