Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Favourite things

Not all of my favourite things..but some of the ones from Christmas.

My BIL lives in Toronto now and knew that I, um, "like" yarn--so he googled yarn shops, walked to Lettuce Knit of all places and found this:

He told the shop girl that I liked knitting, that I dye and spin my own stuff--she suggested the bowl and I love it.
(He also had thoughts to give me my own dot.com shop--but that might be for another day)

My Dad and step-Mom know that I am obsessed with socks and they bought me these beauties:

complete with reinforced nylon thread in matching pattern--cute!!

They also bought me a book that I asked for:

Love the Harlot.

My sister--knowing that I love orange, that I love hats and that I love Serenity and Firefly--made a Jayne hat for hubby.
Hubby having no idea what/who Jayne is could not figure out why I was so excited.
I was more excited when I opened my gift and found a matching hat!

We are too cool, no??

Funny thing: I made A an R2D2 hat for Christmas--but he won't put it on ("I no wear that Mommy")--but do you think you could get the Jayne hat away from him???