Thursday, January 29, 2009

Birthday Girl!!!

Today my Princess B turned 6!!
(Six?? How can she be six already??)

Here she is going off to school

They happened to have a Winter Carnival that day at school--games, hot chocolate, a movie, a 9 foot sub and fun fun fun!

We had the family (minus hubby's Dad, who is still in Thailand) here for the weekend.
Princess B is all about horses lately (she asks me at least once per week if we can move to a horse farm)--so she had a horse cake:

(Please excuse the wonkiness of the cake--the icing was sketchy and kept running off the cake which made the ears not stick etc etc, plus now that I look at it, the nose looks weird--anyways--it was good)

My sister went to town with Strawberry Shortcake goodies (2 bags full!!)

(Here is Princess B wearing her apron and headband and serving tea)

We had a blast--and the best/biggest gift--Ballet lessons from Grandma and Grandpa Bull and a Ballet outfit (A real leotard (seen above) and tights and shoes!)

She actually started Ballet last night (She took Ballet 2 years ago at the same place with the same teacher and actually remembered some of it)

One of her little friends from her former school is in the class--which makes if fun!

You've come a long way baby!!


Victoria said...

Looking at all those pictures brought tears to my eyes. She's gotten to big and beautiful. I love the pics of her at ballet and esp where you can see mom taking the pics lol.

Michelle said...

What a beautiful girl! Happy Birthday Brenna! :)

Janna said...

Oh, I miss Princess B!
She's soooo cute and adorable! I couldn't believe, though, how grown up she looked in the Strawberry Shortcake photo.
Loved the ballet pics - what a great gift.
Did you, by chance, knit her toque in the first picture? It's awesome.

The DuChene Family said...

Adorable. What a sweetie! Happy Birthday, B!