Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Has it really been that long since I posted??
I should get in the habit of just posting a little at a time.
Problem is, I never seem to have things to blog about anymore.

There is a lot going on, but for some reason I don't' think it blog-worthy.

Anyways--the ANNIE play has started and is going well.
Opening night was amazing, the other 2 nights were good, but with minor flubs (mostly on the the cast would know)
Our friends daughter is playing ANNIE and she is amazing--she had her lines down within the first few weeks and she is flawless :)

I gifted the handspun green hat away at a baby shower on Saturday to a friend who is due in January.
It was a Strawberry Shortcake shower and it was so much fun.

My sister was here for the weekend and she helped me with some edging to make it more "Girly" (she crochets, I don't really know how)

I have a cold that is knocking me down still. I've had it two weeks and If I could just stop coughing and/or get the yucky out of my lungs I'd be happy.
I've learned something--the stuff that is in cough medicine that makes you not cough?? I can't tolerate it.
Dextromethorphan is a narcotic that some people react to. (Apparently it has the same chemical make up as Ketamine and PCP--who knew?)
I'm one of those people.

I took some stuff 2 weeks ago to stop coughing at night so I could sleep--I only slept for 4 hours and was up from 4am onward totally wired, dizzy and weird feeling.
I bought some non-drowsy, expectorant on the weekend, read the label and thought it was fine and took some Saturday night (because I coughed on stage opening night and was upset with myself)--went to bed at 2am and was up at 4am..wired and feeling dizzy.
There is a Dr who is in our play (we have a lot of scenes together) and I asked him and he explained about Dextro and that it can cause manic and/or dizziness etc reactions to some people...yep...that's me.
No more.
So, the coughing continues and I hope that I feel better by the weekend for the second round of ANNIE.

I have been knitting:

I finally finished the Skull and Cross Bones socks for Kelly that I have been working on forever.

Cotton/elastic yarn is not my friend.
She likes them and as soon as she put them on she said "I've never had a sock fit that well"
aaaah the beauty of a handknit sock.

I have also made a cowl for myself out of some beautiful yarn I got at a Fibre Mill.

Our Spinning Guild took a tour for this months meeting.
The yarn--gorgeous.

This is Merino Soy/Silk called "Molten Lava"
You can't really tell but the colour is not flat at all, it shimmers and shines with different reds, oranges and touch of gold/yellow.

I got some Alpaca for Socks

(blogger why do you insist on changing my pictures to be upside down??)

Some Superwash Merino Sock Yarn

and some Cotswold for Spinning.

I could have done more damage, but I know that I can go back again sometime.

The tour was so interesting and I loved every minute of it.

The cowl was a nice fast knit and I'm looking forward to wearing it...because...
We had our first snow.

(that's actually frost but you get the point)

It snowed for a few minutes Sunday morning but it was so warm it melted right away.

Yesterday afternoon it snowed hard for about 10 minutes and then stopped.
We went to a friend's house for dinner and the snow at their house stayed on the ground.
We played outside with the kids before dinner and I had my Morning Coffee Toque on, my Alpaca Mitts, an Alpaca Scarf and my winter coat

Then, Sophie and I headed of to the resurrecting of Craft night:

We met at Chris' house and even had virtual Janna with us:

(Gmail now has a videocam/chat feature and we had fun talking knitting with her for a bit)

I was working on a sock (some of my own dyeing that I'm not showing yet) but got stuck as I was just winging it and couldn't remember how to do a gusset top down ..
So I snuggled Sophie's baby and drank some good coffee.

My soap fetish continues.
I am in love with the hot process technique that lets you use the soap the very next day!

I bought some soap molds from someone off of Ravelry and am loving them.

My first batch of HP Soap was Pumpkin Spice
(coloured with tumeric to give it a yellowish colour)
The smell is amazing--I love this soap.

Second batch:

Peppermint Energy Soap
(Made with peppermint tea, with real peppermint leaves and Peppermint Essential oil)
I've tested this one too, it makes your skin tingle in the shower.

I hope to be able to start selling my soaps soon (as soon as I figure out shipping--don't' get me started on Canada Post again (why oh why can I ship a package to Europe cheaper than across my own country??) )

So, that's the big update from me.
Not much Christmas Knitting I don't' think.

I don't' seem to have many ideas..

What are you knitting for Christmas???


JoAnn said...

I feel the same way about nothing interesting to blog about, but you seemed to cover a lot of topics.
I will be adding you to my blogger list.
Love your socks, yarn and other projects.
Hoping you feel better soon.

Sophia said...

thank youfor holding Alaina it was so nice! :) thanks for having the laptop so we could have virtual Janna @craft night. I am happy we are doing it again!

I love your blog posts- you are so witty!

Victoria said...

Yay! A new post. I've been waiting and waiting for this. Like Sophie says you are so witty and fun to read. BTW, here's an endorsement for your Pumpkin Spice Soap...I love, love, love it! It smells incredible and feels so good on my skin, I've stopped sharing it with the kids and Jay lol. Can't wait to try my hand at my first batch with you :)

Helen said...

ooh, virtual knitting together! I could totally get into that! Do you get voice too?

Loving the cowl. I'm craving cowl knitting, but must finish this sock.. by Saturday... sigh

And holiday knitting -- I thought I might be able to get Dad to say he wanted.. oh.. a vest? but all he wants is a hat. That should be easy...

(ps.. your open id isn't letting me log in with TypeKey :-( )

Janna said...

Great to have another post from you, Ms Chick with Stick.
It was also fantastic to see you at the play this weekend. I miss you!
As for my Christmas knitting, well, you know I'm a newbie, so it's nothing that would impress any seasoned knitter, but I'm making toques for my brother and his nearly 1 year old son (matching in colour and style - fun!) and I'm hoping a Jayne Cobb hat for Steve. Shhh. It's a secret - don't tell!