Monday, November 03, 2008

Spinning and Stuff

So we have a new camera--and hubby has taken it away on the last 2 weekends that he worked.
I have been knitting on Kelly's socks and doing some spinning.


It's the Spunky Club Fibre for September. Finn is the breed and the colourway is called "Acadia"
I spun it thin and it is destined to be socks!

I spun up some of my own hand-dyed Merino/Alpaca. This was my first dye and spin of this fibre and I liked it alot, although I found it a challenge to keep the singles from breakin and then letting the twist out while I was trying to make a join.

(umm apparently Blogger is doing that pictures must be sideways thing...can't fix it)

I called this roving "Because You are Greek" because even though I've never been there, I imagine the water to look that shade of turquoise.

Does it look Greek Sophie??

I also spun and knit up some gloves for Princess B. I told her I was going to make her some more mittens and she said "Yes, mittens, but y'know with fingers".

I modified an adult pattern I found here:
I'm not sure why the fingers look so pointy, but they fit and she is happy and I am happy.

Once I get the socks done, I will get on to some Christmas Knitting. No big plans for this year but I have some thoughts.

Halloween was fun!
We had a party at our Church--the Youth put on a party for the little ones for an hour, and then had a party of their own afterwards.

Little man as Spiderman and Hubby as Indiana Jones:

Princess B was a "Fairy Ballerina"

I went as Noah'a Ark. I pinned 10 pairs of little animal finger puppets all over a brown t-shirt and pants. I had a rainbow taped to a Knitting Needle that I held over my head.
We had fun and we all wore things we had around the house!

There was a doughnut eating contest where the kids had to eat doughnuts that were tied to strings and hung from the ceiling. Princess B did really well!

Little man just liked the doughnuts :)

That is all that is new and exciting around here.

My play continues, we are now at the 4-5 practices a week stage..
"The sun will come out, Tomorrow...."


Sophia said...

Yes the blue "bc you are greek" does look like the water!
good choice. :0

kkaci said...

Ann, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Acadia. Did I mention that I love it?? LOL!