Tuesday, October 21, 2008

There has been knitting.

This past weekend was our Guild's Annual Show and Sale.
I was spinning Saturday but didn't actually put anything in the sale (Bad bad knitter)
I tend to knit for projects, for deadlines and for myself--these ladies--they work hard to put together things that people will love.
It was a good day and the items were gorgeous.
Next year I need to do better.

I did make up a couple of hats, but didn't end up putting them in.
One was from the Spunky Club's "Think Spring" Fibre Club, my handspun.

the other was from the "Olive Bark" roving I got from Insubordiknit a while back.

I made some of Saartje's booties, (PDF link) but they ended up big and although I spent time with my washing machine, they did not felt down significantly.

I plan to use them as a baby gift for Hubby's co-work whose wife is due in a month (I will continue to work on the felting part).

I have been knitting furiously on Kelly's Socks--they are turning out so cool (of course I will never knit with cotton/elastic again--I love you Kelly, but this yarn is killing me).
(Friend Kelly has a wool allergy and for the past 2 years I have been wanting to make her something that won't make her break out in a rash--see this post)

Other than that I have been spending my time with the socks while watching Firefly.
We had to buy a new camera last week (amazing that we got almost the same camera for 1/5 the price we paid 3 years ago)--and I saw the box set on for $29---so I told hubby that I had to have it and it could be my Christmas present if he wanted.
He said "You'd actually watch that more than once".
Um, hello--You need to come over to the dark side, there is Mal and Kaylee and Janye's hat, and Jaynestown...and--oh well they are all good.

My sister is watching them too! Now I just need the movie for Christmas and I"m all set.
(and then Michelle, once you've watched the whole show and the movie, then this will make sense)

That is all for knitting/geek news.


Janna said...

Hey - if you're ever missing Jayne, you can always watch "Chuck" on Mondays . . . not really Jayne, but the same actor and his character will make you laugh! Mel has been seen on "Desperate Housewives" and that's all I know of for where the actors of "Firefly" have gone...