Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fall fun

Last Sunday was a very busy day..full of fun, food and family time.

We went apple picking (this is now 3 years in a row for me--I'd never done it before!) at a new orchard and it was fun.

There were 4 families in total. Aidan fell asleep in the 10 minutes it took to get there so he and Andrew stayed in the car and napped together.
Princess Brenna had fun and spent more time hanging out with the "big girls" than she did picking.

I am not always sure of what apples to get, so usually just put some of a few varieties in and hope for the best!
The kids have been eating them like crazy--Aidan likes to take a bite and then get another one..

I love Fall. The leaves are changing very quickly and everywhere we go I see so much colour! I love it.

We are leaving in a few hours to head to Ottawa for Thanksgiving weekend with Andrew's family--and I'm hoping to make a pie before we go....We'll see how that goes down.

Happy Thanksgiving Canadians!


Anonymous said...

The apple picking looks like fun. I live within 3 miles of 3 different orchards and I've never been picking. I just pop in and buy a bag. I'm so lazy sometimes.

Happy Thanksgiving!