Monday, September 08, 2008

Prizes and I'm a dork.

So this weekend was our local Fair.
Hubby had to be there to run a booth for the YouthPark.
We went as a family for 2 hours on Saturday. The Kids did some rides , we had some fair food and looked at the crafts.

I got to see the results of my entries:
1st Place for my Picovoli
nd for my baby sweater (not blogged as it was a test knit and is a gift)
nd for my Forest Canopy Shawl (1st place went to a fellow guild member who made an amazing Faroese Shawl out of Mohair/Silk)
1st place for my bread
and my socks got "Honorable Mention"--apparently I forgot to weave in a couple of ends inside--oops.

I spun at the Fair Sunday afternoon from 12:30pm-5pm and got to have some greasy food (onion chips and a chocolate milkshake for lunch--yum), bought some Lavender Tea and linen spray from a local vendor and got my Candy Apple (I always have to have a Candy Apple every year from the fair)

I was wiped when we got home, took a short nap while listening to Lime and Violet and woke up when they said my name.
If you download
Ep 70--you will hear MissViolet talk about me dancing at the hospital (yes, I did that) and they talk about my store.
Oh and there will be a
youtube video of me dancing--sometime in the near future :)

Shownotes are here.

I have to go back and listen to the rest of the episode, for the stuff I missed.
EDITED TO ADD: Here is the video:

Hubby and I are going out to a fancy dinner tonight in honour of the RCMP ride coming to town.
It's part of the
YouthPark project as well--so we get to be VIP's.
I miss the actual performance tomorrow as I have my first rehearsal for Annie.
I am very excited to be part of this play.

So..I have to figure out what to wear tonight and
spiffen up the house (is that a word??).


Victoria said...

I cannot wait to watch that are my hero! Never would I have the guts to sent that to someone!
BTW, congrats on the wins!

Maggie said...

Wooo! Congrats on your fair ribbons! That's fantastic, but not surprising, because your knitting is lovely! Looking forward to the dancing. :)

kkaci said...

Hey, chick ... you could go to the 2:00 ride with your kiddo/es :-)!

Hope you have a nice time tonight!

dragon knitter said...

congrats on your awards. and i've seen the video, lol! i'll poke miss v with the pointy sticks of motivation, lol