Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Parenting post

Skip this post if you don't want stories of kids and messes.

So, my FIL is here helping to finish painting the outside of our house.

The kids were happy with some new toys from my nephew and then we decided to paint inside.
Usually painting with Aidan is a disaster because he just paints his hands and his clothes.
We've been going to playgroup for a few weeks now and he has been doing well--putting the paint smock on himself, painting only on the paper, cleaning up messes etc.
So yesterday they are painting and I took a load of laundry upstairs.

As soon as I got to the top of the stairs I heard Brenna say "Uh, Mom--Aidan is PAINTING HIMSELF"

So I go back downstairs to this:

*you can't see all the paint in his hair-but it's all purple*

Which then became this:

I leave the bathroom to scrub purple off the walls and come back to this:

This is Santa and Mrs Claus (they named themselves).

So the day goes on and I'm putting clothes away in Aidan's room and a cloud of white puffs up from his drawers.
I notice a white film on everything (the floor, the dresser, the bed, the clothes).
I find out that on the weekend he dumped and entire bottle of baby powder all over his room.

Hubby had vacuumed but didn't get it all nor did he know--there is now a PILE of powder throughout his drawer.
So--full drawer of shirts had to be washed....


So, sorry for all the crazy posting--I had it all up in my brain to write these posts out but didn't.


kkaci said...

Aidan, I'm completely proud of you. Your use of strong colours, not limited by canvas or restraint ... a true artist in the making.


Now if only Mom will survive this!