Tuesday, September 02, 2008

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Okay-not really.
I joke.
I do look forward to all the adventures that Princess B will have at school this year--but I will miss her.
She has been excited and scared about school.
Some of the tantrums and resistance this past week is about school--she does recognize that which is good.
One of her friends is in her class and even though she refused to go to the school last week to meet the Teacher (didn't matter, Teacher wasn't there)--we spotted the Teacher in the yard before the bell and the "line up place" is the same which helped calm her fears.
Today she ran off when the bell rang without a looking back...

What a difference a year makes:

Little man and I have been to the park and played and watched a movie--he is taking his nap and I hope to get some housework/yarn work accomplished



Sophia said...

look at her and all that pink!!! I love it :)
she has grown so much in one year Ann!

Janna said...

Isn't it funny how last year Brenna was excited about school and Ben was dreading it? Now he is excited to go and she wasn't. Here's to next year being a year where they are BOTH pumped about going!!!!

Victoria said...

Look how much she's grown this past year! I was looking at some pics on your other blog and feeling a little misty eyed remembering her as a baby when she was my '3rd child'. I love her in all that pink and the expression on her face is so sweet.