Monday, September 29, 2008

Busy weekend

Princess B and I drove down to Rochester Friday night to attend my 10 year College reunion.

The concert that night was AMAZING and was put on by one of my favourite bands: NewWorldSon.

There were not very many people there but we had fun dancing in the aisles.

I had a blast

with this kid: (my nephew)

The kids were so cute--asking the guys in the band for their "autrograph" and telling them their favourite songs.
A late night and a lazy morning (including me spinning on my sister's Babe wheel!!!) then a fun day with the kids in the bouncy castle at the Homecoming event.

I saw some good friends at the reunion, missed the people who weren't there and then drove home late to be back for Sunday.

Sunday--our new Pastor started, we had about 35 guests to Church and then was hubby's big Fall fundraiser event with food and music and mostly involved me chasing Little Man in a big field.

I didn't get any knitting done with my sister.

I have the yarn and the beads for MS4 but have yet to start. I think everyone else is on clue 3, but I'm not in it to keep up, just to have a chance to knit some lace and learn to knit with beads.


If you get the chance, you should check out this video below.
The drummer of NewWorldSon did an amazing drum solo and proceeded to drum all over the stage--on mike stands, chairs, the guitar etc etc etc.


Dave Robertson said...

Hi, Ann-Marie,

Not silver-lined and not Toho, but interesting to compare prices on these size 8 seed beads!


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