Sunday, July 06, 2008

Where in the world..

have I been.

Actually, I've only been 15 minutes from home-but it's been busy.

It was Family Camp week this week and my family was visiting (my sister, cousins, aunt/uncle, dad/stepmom, bil/sil and 2nd cousins galore. plus camp friends, college friends).

The kids were in morning sessions, I had the chance to sit and knit with my sister, we hit the beach every afternoon and there was more knitting at night.

I finished one nanner sock and am working the gusset increases on the second. (the sock is not on my foot because I had to cast off w/out a darning needle to do my usual sewn bind-off and the cuff is too tight)

I am pretty tired from all the fresh air, late nights, early morning and general running around.

My throat feels like sandpaper and I was so tired this afternoon but unable to nap.

My newest book series addiction is keeping me well fed. I'm on book 7 and only started 3 weeks ago. (total beach trash books--brainless but laugh out loud funny)

So--the socks are the only thing I've been knitting.

I have been spindle spinning a bit.

My goal for the Tour de Fleece is to finish my Spunky Eclectic Spindle project and then spin up as much of my club fibre as I can.

This past week there was a Ladies Craft Show and tell and my sister and I brought our knitting and spinning. I brought the wheel to show a friend and ended up doing a little demo.

It was fun to show people the spindle as well.

Tonight I got almost a full ounce on at one time--and I was sure that it was going to fall off and I could see it getting into a big tangled mess--but so far, so good.

So, regular posting will return (ha ha regular) and then in another few weeks it will be another week away for hubby's actual vacation.