Monday, July 14, 2008

To the

I had to take a trip back to Toronto this past Friday and was bound and determined to find Lettuce Knit. (Last time I got lost in the construction and then had to come home)

I dropped some clothes off at friends' house, went to my appt and then braved the busy traffic to get to the store!
(I have never driven in Toronto before. I have driven PAST Toronto, but never in the city).

So, a 15 minute drive (per my google map) took 45 minutes and I was afraid that the store would close.
I navigated Kensington market (crazy crazy--tons of people walking everywhere, one way streets, bikes that just go and don't look at cars..)

I found the store and then had to do another turn around the block to find parking.
I FOUND PARKING...a free spot.

So, I didn't spend long in the store and didn't get pictures of the actual store (I know, bad blogger) You've seen it before on the Harlot's blog)--the store is seriously tiny--but they pack in a lot of awesome yarn.

I bought one thing that may or may not be a gift so I wont' blog it.
I bought an Elizabeth Zimmerman book that I have been wanting for a year

and of course, some sock yarn.
I wanted to buy something that I couldn't' get locally--something that was different.
Some Art Yarns UltraMerino---(colour 123)

the colours they had were awesome-there was one that looked like pink and chocolate cake.

I think I had a Megan (owner) sighting on the way out--and that was it.

I was very close to this:

and then this happened:

I was driving downtown (seriously right downtown) and was stopped at a light and then a little birdie decided to land on my window, scrounge on my windshield for food and then flew away right when the light changed--it was so cute.

I had a good day. I caught up on podcast listening.
By the time I left Toronto and navigated through traffic it was 6:30pm and I had yet to have had lunch. I found a mall (the really weird thing is that it was the same mall I visited a year ago and had no idea I was in Oshawa last time--I had no idea where I was but for some reason knew exactly how to get to the mall)

I did some shopping and had some sushi (wahoo) and Starbucks (wahoo X2) and came home.

A good day.

Next time I would hope to bring someone with me, or meet up--it's much more fun that way!