Thursday, July 17, 2008


Nanners socks are done:

First actual skein for Tour de Fleece:

It's the January fibre from the Spunky Eclectic Club. It's Icelandic fibre that I spun as a single on my Antique Quebec wheel.

More Nanners sock yarn for the store:

I'm now working on the February Spunky Club which is South African Fine fibre and ooooh I love it. I've spun up two bobbins and will be plying tonight when hubby and I finally get around to watching Spiderman 3.

My son is obsessed with all things Spiderman and from the collection of t-shirts we have inherited from my nephew, he can wear a new one every day.
We found and old DVD of the tv show at the library which he watched every day for a week.
I sing the Spiderman song as his lullaby at night (he asks for it) and today we had his first dental check up, made easier by the fact that they had a Spiderman soft toy that he could hold and a Buzz Lightyear toothbrush.
(Seriously our Dentist is awesome with kids--I was expecting a fight to hold Aidan's mouth open. Dr B just said that he had to check to see if the toothbrush was the right size, and held it near Aidan's mouth and he opened right up and even let the Dentist put his fingers inside to check his teeth)

Spiderman saves the day....