Thursday, July 24, 2008

It's going to be really clean around here

I'm a soap making machine.
Okay not really a machine, but I'm having fun.

I made some more coffee soap the other week in my new molds (The soap got stuck--who knew you had to have a liner or something-but the soap turned out pretty good anyways)

2 nights ago I used essential oils for the first time and made Patchouli Lavender soap:

It's not the greatest picture (taken at 10pm)--but there is a hint of green (I coloured the soap) and it smells wonderful.

Last night I made Lemongrass soap--with fragrance oil and real Lemongrass leaves (?) in it. I coloured it to a nice earthy brown.

It's really hard to wait a month to use these soaps.

So, I have on hand:
Coffee soap
Chai Tea
Chocolate Goats Milk
Patchouli Lavender and

I think either Green Apple or Cucumber is next.
or maybe Chamomile Mint