Tuesday, June 10, 2008

You know it's hot when.

It's a little game we play with our google tags. (Half of my friends are on gmail and we change our taglines to talk about what we are doing each day)
One friend said that she knew it was hot when she went to get coffee out of the thermal carafe and it was still hot--from yesterday.
I have had melty butter in the cupboard, but last night after soccer I gave the kids some limeade before bed--and in 20 minutes, it turned. Went all weird and the pulp stuck together. EWWW

So, Friday I was complaining that it was 23C in the house-yesterday it was 30C in our house--outside it was 30C with a humidex of 37+.
To channel Paris Hilton: "That's hot"

We are fortunate to have a pool.
We are fortunate that hubby has worked on the pool for 5 days straight to get it ready.
Sunday afternoon was first swim of the summer (expcet me, for some reason the 1 bathing suit I own is missing)
Yesterday I did swim (in shorts and t-shirt) with the kids.
It is going to be a long hot sweaty
can't do anything because it's too hot summer.

On the knitting front:
I have almost finished the final repeats on the Forest Canopy Shawl.
I want to make it bigger--but then might not figure out the edging.

I have made 1.5 more pattern repeats in the Kelly socks (Hi Kelly)--but they go very slowly with stretchy cotton yarn.

I hope to have something done soon--I don't' want to touch wooly wooly wool these days.

The garden is going well.
I haven't blogged about the garden this year yet...
I bought 3 tomato plants from Vicki's Annual Sale.
I also got an eggplant--last year's didn't to well , so I'm hoping this will be better.
I have garlic (some to use and some to replant in the fall), beans (the kids did bean plants at Church one Sunday), radishes (not really coming up), Carrots (didn't come up at all--how hard are carrots?), Squash and another squash (was supposed to be cucumber--that is the section it was in with all the other cucumber plants--but it's a blue hubbard squash).

I put lavender in (since my seeds don't ever want to grow)

Basil and mint (I have had a mint plant that I bring in each winter and put out again next year and have been doing that for 3 summers but this winter I forgot to water it at all, so it needed replacing), peas, lettuce, potatoes.
and finally 1 Kenya corn plant.
While we were in Kenya I used a corn kernel in a lesson for the kids one day. I kept the kernel and decided to plant it this year--and it's growing!!