Tuesday, June 03, 2008

What to say what to say

Hubby has been away since last Wednesday and it's been busy around here.
2 kids, school, soccer, Church, shopping, sleepovers, swimming lessons.
The days have been long (mostly good days with a couple of really yucky ones in there--unhappy kids, unhappy Mommy--ick).

Thursday night after Princess B's first soccer game (she is number 5)

I cast on a pair of handspun socks (while supervising a sleepover where they stayed up way too late)

Not my handspun, but from MerlintheCat.
I scored it on a super sale in the Spring and for some reason even though it has been getting warmer around here I wanted warm woolly socks.

(OOOH she has more handspun sock yarn for sale--for $15.00--someone stop me)

I used a toe up recipe from The Twisted Sisters Sock Book (love love that book) and it was cool.
The heel they call an hourglass heel, but it actually is the same short row heel that Priscilla Gibson-Roberts does, as I learned it from Alison.

I finished them Saturday--not bad for three nights of knitting.
I split the ball in half and just knit until the yarn was gone--it comes really tall up my calf, not that you can really tell in the picture.
I love the way it sort of stripes with the pink.

Other than that--we have been getting our Porch fixed. Originally it was supposed to be just floor boards but we found out that the supports are rotting and may not have lasted much longer (ie: porch and roof over porch falling down)

See the space--that is where the support beam is not attached to the porch. Nice eh?
We figure that the porch may be as old as this house (108) because of the way it was constructed--but not sure.

Princess B went to her friends house Saturday all day until Church on Sunday and it was very quiet around here w/out her around.
Little man had fun splashing in his pool/sandbox (the naked part was his idea)

We ate the 2 carrots that were growing in the garden from LAST YEAR:

That's about it.
I have done some dyeing, had some sales and won't get to go to my Spinning Guild meeting tomorrow-but am looking forward to craft night with my favourite birthday girl.