Friday, June 20, 2008

What have I been up to??

Dyeing some yarn:

Ordering more. I have a sock club to dye for (not my own but I'm thinking about trying one) and need more yarn.

Starting some socks (They are bananas, it's a Plurk thing)

Visiting some friends in their new house (they had been in for merely hours when I showed up to spend the night)

This is Janna amid her kitchen trying to find her dishes (how many boxes of Steve's spices did we find??)

This is their house when I left in the early morning:

Princess B had her first ride on a school bus as the school took ALL the kindergarten kids to the Beach for the day. They weren't allowed to swim but they did get to dig in the sand, find animals and go on "adventures" (not sure what that means, but she had fun)--I think she had a good time:

Andrew had his birthday yesterday but he had work and other things to do--so we went to an end of the year BBQ and then he took Princess B to soccer as I had a meeting at the Church.
Not the greatest birthday but we are actually going to celebrate tomorrow.

Friend's of ours had their baby girl (Go look at the pictures, she is just gorgeous!!).

Hubby is out tonight with a friend, the kids are in their rooms (sleep HA!) so I am going to do some dyeing and couch with my new sock.