Saturday, June 14, 2008

Knitters Represent

It's WWKIP Day!

Last year I partook with a friend at a local coffee shop and this year I did it again with another friend!

We decided to meet up for coffee and just sit and knit for a bit (there are NO events anywhere near us, so we improvise)

I met another knitting friend on the street, and a la Harlot, had her hold the sock.

Vic and I had some coffee and moved to the comfy couches....

...where another couple joined us to read the paper--and then....
she pulled out her knitting.
She didn't know it was WWKIP Day--but we chatted about all things knitting, the county and the fact that her mother has a radio show where she talks about knitting!!

They have a boat and are sailing around. They also have a blog.
I pointed to the LYS (visible from the coffee shop)

and then she let me blog her.

She has a sock knitting blog post here.

Lovely lady--I am going to try to find a vintage knitting pattern for her.
Anyone heard of the kitty hood? It's a hat knit all in one piece that has a neckband, covers the ears and has ear knit on the top.
Apparently it was famous years and years ago and she cannot find the pattern anywhere.

We then went on to Princess B's last swimming lesson, had an ice cream and ate the first 3 strawberries of the season.

What a great day!