Thursday, June 12, 2008

The End of an Era

The last craft night on the Fry.
So....our very very good friends are finally at the leaving stage.
This Monday they pack their house and will be gone.
It's been a long time of saying good bye and not saying good bye.

Steve has been in Toronto at the new job since December so Janna and the kids have been selling the house and getting packed for the big day.
Monday is that day.
Last night was the last craft night at their house (aka on the Fry).
Some people couldn't make it, but we had a big turn out last week.

I was trying to figure out what pictures I could take--when it was just Janna and I left.

The laptop--is always on and we use it to check knitting patterns, sewing directions, g/chat with others that can't make it and use it for funny YouTube video breaks (my favourite is linked here)

Janna blogging me blogging her

The sewing machine. Where I learned to sew things--a bag, a sock fish and then I actually sewed something myself at home (gasp)

and the house....
this is how it looks when I leave at
o'dark thirty in the morning (after craft night phase 2 has finally commenced--missed you Sophie)

.......there are no good-byes.

I will get to see them on Tuesday as I drive the boys to their new home and stay over (am I the first guest?? Huh? huh??) for an appointment in Toronto Wed.