Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wow it's Tuesday??

Can't believe that time flies like that when you are doin' nothin' and everything
Went to visit my MIL for the weekend in Ottawa.
The kids had been mildly ill with a stomach/virus thing--so they were a little whiney and Aidan is still not eating, but we had fun!

We went to the Museum of Nature (free that Saturday morning!!!) the kids had a blast and it was great except for the no elevators part. Carrying a 40 pound child up about 16 flights of stairs= not fun.

Digging for Dinosaur bones:

Aidan being a Polar Bear: (this was about the only time he smiled the whole weekend)

and another picture because this one makes me laugh so hard--his little face peeking up from under the "snow"

I worked on my Jitter bug sock which I don't' think I've touched since Thanksgiving.
My sock mojo is around somewhere, I'm just not sure where.

We went to the Parliament buildings and saw the cats.
(they have their own blog)

Ate a beaver-tale

It was a full experience.

I started plying the roving I bought from Sakina Needles on the Lendrum last night and then something happened.
First the drive band kept coming off and then the wheel started to wobble
Apparently the screw that holds the wheel to the stand keeps coming unscrewed.
I tightened it by hand but it kept coming off about every 3 minutes--which
a) makes me annoyed
b) makes me scared to use it.

Since the wheel belongs to the guild I"m not going to touch it until I get some advice.
It seem strange that the whole screw/bolt is loose and coming undone and the wheel is only a few months old...

My old/new wheel (the antique one) will be coming home this Saturday--she's all fixed and I will be taking another road tour and hopefully will see the Museum this time.

I have been doing some dyeing and hope to have some stuff for FibreFriday this week.
I've been experimenting with my new crockpot and so far have:

Crazy Days:

Blue Raspberry:

I have another one just finished and will still be able to do one more tonight..
I love it.

Hopefully some finished handspun tomorrow and another couple of rovings