Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Where have I been?

Let's see
I guess the question should be what have I been doing??
Knitting, spinning, dyeing, knitting, spinning, knitting
talking about spinning
wash rinse repeat

breaking my spinning wheel--well okay that was just today.

So since last week I have finished the 1st BSJ and have been feverishly working on the second--since it's due tomorrow.
Tomorrow is spinning guild day and tomorrow is the day it has to be finished.

But let's start with the happy news.

So Saturday I set off on my own for a little drive to meet Alvin Ramer--to see about getting my antique wheel fixed.
We had a chat and he took a look at the wheel--and after some head scratching and some "I don't knows'--he set about searching his workshop.
I was worried at first, because the flyer is not original to the wheel, it's a "left turn" which is hard to find--the wheel had been drilled into, the "thread" was broken and you can't get those anywhere. Barbara Anne (his wife) was optimistic--she encouraged him to keep trying, keep looking and think outside the box (I could have hugged her)

So she and I chatted while he tinkered around and I found out that the Spinning Wheel Museum--is at their house. I asked her how many wheels she had and she said "80".
She is a master spinner, she dyes with Indigo--I want to live at their house.
Alvin thought that he might find a part when he goes to Quebec in a few weeks, otherwise he might just make one...
It was a wonderful morning and I was quite optimistic when I left.

It was nice to be off by myself--haven't had that in a long time.
Had some coffee, looked around an antique shop--found the perfect lipstick for dirt cheap (I like new lipstick days, don't laugh--it makes me happy)
WHy is it all the cool songs play on the radio when you are having a happy day?

Here is me singing along to "Me and Bobby McGee".
(I'm a weirdo, I know it)

So that was the happy news...
now for the BSJ

I started this project weeks ago thinking I was all smart and being ahead of the game for once.
I haven't shown any pictures, because all I've been doing is feeding this project.
I knit and knit and knit and got halfway through and realized that I had run out of yarn.
(where the arrow is in the picture)

No problem--go to the backyard and get more flowers--dyed them before church--they were dry when I came home.
Children napping--mother spinning and spinning and spinning

and ran out of yarn again.
(Good thing I have 5 pounds of Superwash Merino sitting in my "yarn room" for dyeing)

NO more flowers, no more red leaves---okay spice cupboard.
Tumeric--oh pretty it will give me yellow.
Um, the yellow that I got is enough to sear the retinas from your eyes.

Seriously it's hideous and I"m not going to use it in this jacket for fear of making the baby cry.

So, some leftover more marigolds--gave me a light yellow.
I did some in a natural white and then decided to do some more coffee brown.

That's when it happened. This morning after taking little man to the park and playing for a while in the freezing cold--I was finishing plying the rest of the natural white--when the wheel broke.
Like I can't fix it broke.

I thought maybe that hubby could fix it when he gets home--so I pulled out the drop spindle and started plying the bobbins I had.
I've never plied on a drop spindle before--why am I starting now.

So, the saga continues and we shall see if this gets finished before tomorrow.

Do you think I can do it???