Friday, November 23, 2007

What have I been up to?

A lot and a little.

Hubby's scarf was totally frogged as when I got halfway through I realized it would only fit around one of the kids necks.
I started again with 26 stitches versus 30 with bigger needles and it seems much better.
It's still only half done--but then I kept swatching.
I swatched for a zeebee in some orange Malabrigo (Glazed Carrot) and the swatch is still sitting there.
I swatched some handspun for a hat for Princess B.

SO cute: Princess B pulls out some sock yarn and needles and says "can you teach me to knit socks this afternoon?" --for her little friend. I let her know that I can teach her to knit but socks are hard--but I could help her with some.

We had our first snow Thursday (I'm back posting this) and Princess B had her first sleep over
(surprisingly I was fine--it was a quiet evening with the boy and hubby).
Apparently the little Princesses did not go to sleep until 11:20pm and so a tired girl crashed hard the next afternoon:

and not to be outdone, her brother after his big nap decided to crash on the floor in the playroom (he did this himself, blanket and all)

I have finished half of some CJ Kopec roving (this one...drool worthy no??) but can't get a good picture since it's totally grey here all the time now.

So I have some swatches sitting, some roving sitting.
I just can't seem to finish anything. This weather is knocking me out--I'm so sleepy all the time--I crash on the couch early every night and have been getting lots of sleep but I think the lack of sunlight has already put me in a finishing funk.
Hubby was working lots last weekend and this weekend is our Pastor's last Sunday (can't talk about it for fear of crying all over the keyboard) --and full of other activities.

Let's see if I can actually get something done-shall we?

What I have actually completed is some dyeing for the shop:



SUNNY (naturally dyed with Tumeric. Tumeric? Tumeric!)

and some Luck O' the Irish I completed for an amazing person who did a store ad for me (you can see it as the new banner at my shop also)

The dyeing is so fun. The winding of the yarn by hand off the cone?
But when you can look at pretty like this stuff--it makes it all worth it.

That's all for me folks.