Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Why is it that you are always sick on the days your kids have off from school? Here I am with a wicked cold and Giraffe has the day off for Thanksgiving. I have the day off which is great, but I can hardly spend the day in bed and sleep as my body would like. Alas, it might be cuddle in bed with cartoons for the morning as Giraffe is extra tired from a mild cold himself.
It has been forever since I have posted I realized and I have to attribute that to much business- at the new job things are hectic and having only one work day this week didn't help. The laptop is downstairs and I plan to get a few hours of work in over the next few days- database entries and perhaps builing a new database.
Church is also very busy. I am a delegate (reserve) and we are up to our eyeballs in planning a retirement dinner for our Pastor and his wife who will retiring from full-time ministry in the Free Methodist Church. The dinner is just a couple of weeks away and I am feeling panicky it won't all get done. On top of that I am helping with the chidren's Christmas pagent. Luckily the pagent is in the hands of two capable people and I just have to help with the singing.
Finally there is Christmas. While I have been doing some shopping all along, I have not put the dent in the shopping I would have liked by this time of year.
In the midst of stress and strain, God finds so many ways to bring joy and wonder into my life. I have taken some photos of some of that joy:

3 boys + 1 evening = 3 Jedi knights

This is Giraffe with two of his very best friends in the world playing on Ladies night out. We ate icecream and watched a comedy, they played with light sabres and drove the one father crazy.

1 6year old + 1 marker = a lasting impression

I helped out friends by watching their 5 kids on Saturday while they moved. 5 of theirs plus the 2 year old uncle (long story), and 11 year old "helper" and Giraffe = 8 kids and a lot of fun. Other then the marker on the stairs, there was nothing broken, nothing spilt, no injuries and I was still sane when the parents arrived.

1 boy + 1 skein kroy sock yarn + happy feet

Giraffe picked out this yarn when we went to Mary Maxim in October it while I was a little sceptical about the colourway, it turned out cute, I did the best heel ever and he likes them, though is getting used to wool blend socks as oppossed to the cotton sport socks he normally wears.

So I am off to take a hot shower, drink some tea, cuddle with Giraffe and maybe get some knitting done. I am no ambitions for anything else today.