Wednesday, November 07, 2007

It's done it's done

The Baby Surprise Jacket is all done and handed in--it was a hit.
It was also a close one: I was spinning and knitting and spinning and knitting seaming and sewing buttons until the wee hours of the morning.
I'm happy with it, it was a fun learning experience.

(*whispers* i don't want to look at superwash merino for a long time.....i'm tired of it now and am ready to move on....ssssh)

Today was the Spinning Guild meeting and it was fun as usual. I missed last month, so It was nice to catch up.
We had a big group with a great show and tell.
I brought home some info about getting some rovings locally--which is exciting.

The biggest thing I brought home is this:

A Lendrum double treadle

I am renting the wheel for the next month and I'm so excited!
I did a little spinning on it at the guild meeting and some again after dinner tonight--it's dreamy.
It's so smooth--the double treadle is like walking on air.
Hubby is interested in looking at the design of it to see if he can make my wheel a d/treadle.

Oh, and my antique wheel is one! I got an e-mail last night that it's all fixed and ready to be picked up any time.

So, I'm off to do some spinning before an early bedtime.

I am getting up around 4:30am tomorrow as I'm going to be co-hosting a morning radio show from 6-9am....i'm excited about that too, but a little maybe I'll say something dumb or my brain will blank and I won't be able to remember my name.

Anyways--I hope to have some yarny pictures to show from my time with the Lendrum.