Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I met a knitter!

I'm so excited.
There is a Mom's group that I have been going to off and on since Aidan was about 6 months old.
There is a girl I used to work with who invited me and it's a nice time for us to connect.
It's actually a Mom's Morning Out and I found out today it' been going at this Church for 40 years!!

So, sometimes Mom's bring little crafts to do while we chat--I have been knitting on my Jitterbug sock and today another Mom pulled out some dpns' and started knitting a sock.
I actually said out loud "Ooooh a Knitter!!!"--she didn't hear me.
Someone said her name and I realized that she is this knitter.
She has another pattern here.

I told her that I knew who she was and for some reason she knew that I had e-mailed her 2 years ago about her pattern and recognized the park that the sweater picture was taken.

too cool

I had a sushi lunch with friends, bought some Starbucks Christmas blend--little man is napping.
Princess B made herself a p/butter and jam sandwich for a snack (she did this while I was upstairs putting A to bed--and did a perfect job of it)

Quite the day.

I did some dyeing last night (4 skeins) and just learned of a new method which I want to try out tonight.
My yardage counter is not working and I ended up winding a 10 oz skein (how on earth I did that w/out noticing is beyond me).
So, I spent the rest of the night doing yardage math (ugh--math!) and winding on my niddy noddy TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY TIMES.
240 wraps on the niddy noddy times 3= sore carpal tunnel wrist.
It's the skein winding which takes away from the thrill of dyeing.
Someday maybe a skein winder is in my future--but maybe I can convince hubby to do some
You think???