Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloweeny stuff

So I didn't find out until yesterday morning that the adults were planning some costumes.
..some Star Wars costumes.
Well, I thought about certain ones that I thought I could pull off but then Princess B won out.

Queen Amidala she was.
Little man doesn't really "do" costumes, so we dressed him all in green and said he was Yoda

Here's us:

Can you figure out who I am?
What about now:

or now

My sign says "Kick Me: Darth Vader is my Dad"
I'm Luke Skywalker

In other news
Baby Surprise Jacket is done.

I also received my October Spunky Club Shipment.
It's my archenemy Romney.
I'm hoping this time it will be better.
I saw all the dark colours and thought it might be nice for a scarf for hubby.
He saw that there was purple in it and is not so sure--but since I've seen pictures of finished yarn already--it might be okay.

I have started another BSJ, since it's due for the guild meeting next Wednesday. I spun up 4oz in total for this project but I've already figured out that I will need more yarn.
So, I will need to pick more leaves and things tonight, dye them and spin it to finish the knit for Wed.

In happier news, I am going off tomorrow to meet Alvin Ramer who is going to take a look at the antique wheel in hopes of having it fixed and bobbins made. I'm so excited.


cdnbull said...

The suprise jacket turned out amazing, can't wait to make one.