Sunday, November 25, 2007

6 hours of spinning and boy are my wings tired.

I have no idea where that came from except that I just got back from seeing the Bee Movie and all the flying jokes are still in my head.

I have spun for about 6 hours between yesterday and today.
I decided to start breaking into the Crown Mountain Farms stash before I have to give the Lendrum back (whimper whimper).
I followed Teyani's tutorial (more or less, I had a hard time finding really white parts) and started spinning yesterday afternoon while hubby took Princess B to a free movie.

(Can I just say I love our town. Yesterday, for the start of all things Christmas--there was a free Christmas movie, free hot chocolate and cookies everywhere we went, we saw Santa, played with toys, got gifts, visited the Festival of Trees (scroll down) to see my jacket, saw the parade and had a fun and tiring day)

(this seriously is the best picture we have of Aidan. This is the face that he makes all the time when he doesn't like something--he's got quite the scowl at times)

So I spun for about 1.5 hours in the afternoon and then hubby and I watched a movie last night.
(really good movie) and I spun the whole time.
Then I was up with little man at 6:30 and spun some more while the kids played happily until hubby got up for Church.

I have a full bobbin (the Lendrum bobbins are smaller than my Ashford jumbos) and so I think I will weigh it (to see how close I am to halfway) and then start again tonight.

This is "Brown Eyed Girl"
See how it stripes from a light section, to dark, light, dark etc.
Teyani dyes it like that on purpose--you spin it in dark,light on one bobbin and light,dark on the other so when it plies together the lights ply with the darks and so on--so you don't get sections that are light on light--cool huh??

I think I will back post and talk about what happened since Tuesday when I posted (Tuesday??, like I said, it's been busy)

But for now, hubby is gone, kids are in bed and I hear the wheel calling...