Wednesday, June 27, 2007

So hot it's dyeing yarn!!!

I decided to make use of the crazy heat we are having. It was about 40C (104F) here yesterday and I don't' know about you, but that makes me melt.
So, today I decided to dye half of my last skein of yarn using solar power!
Inspired by Pippi and her recent article in
I decided to give it a go.
I have all the pictures in my Flicker set here:
I had a little helper:

Since Princess B loves Pink, that's what we started with:

didn't' really plan on what colours I wanted, but we ended up with Pink, Turquoise Blue, Purple and Sapphire blue:

I made little sections with aluminum foil, then covered the whole thing with a black garbage bag and the lid, and set it on the patio stone outside.
I put an over thermometer inside, so I can check the temperature later on in the day.
We'll see what happens!!

It's a pretty easy process, only took a few minutes, but my little helper was tired and posed for this picture:

Stay cool, or dye yarn!!!