Friday, June 08, 2007

Plying fool

I've actually been making stuff. This is what I've done this morning:

I finished spinning this on Wednesday at the spinning guild and plied it this morning.

I was trying a new (to me) method of winding it into a ball and plying from both ends.
It turned out balanced (i think):

There are actually parts that are under plied, but over all I am happy with it.
It's some Alpaca from a lady from our Guild--she dyed it with Green food colouring.

Then I moved on to the Neapolitan BFL of mine that I finished spinning the other night:

Again--there are parts that are actually under plied (which is different for me--i usually put way too much twist in everything) but I'm happy with it.
Here is a warmer picture of the colours (not completely accurate, but pretty)

(No children were neglected in the making of this yarn.) Aidan has been getting up at 5:30am-6am for a while, then it stopped, then it started again--so I decided that since he wanted to sit quietly by himself after b-fast I would pull out the wheel.
He decided he wanted to help:

And speaking of the guild:

I finally took some pictures of them.
It's our last formal meeting until the Fall.
We are having a dye day in a couple of weeks--and then a BBQ in July. (At the Shetland farm where I bought my fleece. I'm a nerd--I want to meet "my sheep")
There are also some other things that I may or may not get to.

The lady sitting beside me on Wed was actually in the B2B Wool Competition that competed against the Toronto Spiders.
I know of the Spiders through reading Wannietta's blog and know that they won last year.
I can't imagine--grabbing raw fleece off the floor, spinning it, plying and knitting a whole sweater in about 6 hours.

Well, I'm off to try on dresses--in my closet. Hubby is officiating his first Wedding tonight!!