Monday, June 18, 2007

Hello little sock

I've started my first sock from my handspun!!

I cast on at the start of a movie last night (Dejavu with Denzel Washington) and at the end I had this:

Here's my swatch:

(the swatch is posing in front of a picture of the yarn on a Handspun Sock KAL that I joined)

Close up of the cake:

and of some stitches:

That's all for today. I expect that if I get some knitting done tonight (it's been rare, since the kids are not sleeping well at all )--that I might get one sock almost finished.
Big fat yarn
Big fat needles

*EDITED TO ADD: If you can't see these pictures, it's because Blogger is being crazy again.
According to the html the pictures are still there--but are hiding.
So, I've uploaded them again, so hopefully this works**