Thursday, June 14, 2007

Canada's Next Top Sock Yarn

A little photo shoot:
Enjoying the Sun

Lounging Poolside

Stretching out:

Up close and personal

I am so happy with this yarn.
Approx 108 g, 3.8 oz
Yardage ??? (have yet to measure, or figure out how to measure)
About 12 wpi

Heritage: 4 oz of domestic wool from PippiKneeSocks in the "Springtime Chocobird" colourway.
2 ply.

I plied it by winding to a centre pull ball--which I am just learning to do.
There was so much yarn in the cake that the centre pulled out and the whole thing tangled--twice.
So there are parts of the yarn that had to be split spliced back together and parts of the yarn where there is no twist left and is all fuzzy.
I. don't. care.
I love this yarn.

I tried to wind it back on the niddy-noddy while wet to let it stretch as it dried, but the skein (of course) tangled and it took me all day yesterday to untangle it. I don't' know why these tangles always happen to me--I wrapped it in 4 places.

Anyways. I will be showing it off to a friend at lunch (sushi sushi sushi) and then I will be swatching and starting socks.
It's like 1,000 degrees outside lately and I'm going to start some 100% wool socks.

It must be love