Thursday, July 13, 2006

kenya dig-it????

it's here it's here it's here.
it's kenya time!!
i'm so excited i could...well, i'm having mixed emotions.
monday i was weepy about leaving the kids, tuesday i started thinking i was fine.
wednesday i started getting stressed about packing, getting the house clean etc etc.
thursday i was almost in panic mode and now..
it's 2:15am and i'm still up...still packing..still freaking and thinking it's not here yet...
it's here.
so on the knitting front, look what i finished and mailed off:

the baby pumpkin and tomato hats. (that's our pool in the background)
i love the little tomato hat.
lookie here at the top detail:

and i'm almost able to say that the wool pumpkin hat feels soft. i have a bit of a fear of wool.
something about having some plaid wool pants as a kid. wearing 2 pairs of tights and i could still feel the prickly, itchy-ness of the wool.
but i'm learning that there are nice wools. wools that are soft.
i also like felting, so wool is becoming my friend.
mr postman is also my friend these days.
look what came today:
it's my free i-pod. it's so little and so cute...
i so wanted to play with it today, but since i had more laundry, more packing, more cleaning than i ever thought possible, i didn't play.
i won't be taking it to kenya, as i dont' want it lost or damaged.
i will be taking some knitting.
i am part of the summer of socks, and i haven't even done any posting about it.
i am not going for the "i can knit many socks" approach, more like
"my vacation socks are going to be the coolest".
i'm going to pull a yarn harlot and have the socks with me on safari.
yes, i get to go on safari:
here and here
sigh--i so can't wait.
maybe the socks will meet a giraffe!!
so..there will be no posting for a few weeks.
we get back on august 6th and then i will have pictures to share.
i am nervous about packing my knitting needles, for fear they will be confiscated.
air canada says to pack in your checked baggage but i want them with me.
i am planning to take some plastic dp's in my backpack and check the rest...
so help me i will cry if they take away my knitting.
when i get over tired i cry at the drop of a hat..or the drop of a needle.
i so need sleep..and one of the babies is crying, so that's my cue...
bye y'all---see you next month!!!

note to self: do not stab yourself through the palm of your hand with a double pointed needle, the day you are leaving for kenya...ouch!
i hope it's okay. i had to yank it out and then sit down for fear of fainting....
oh, so that's why you can't have them on a plane...