Tuesday, July 04, 2006

it's here it's really here.

my first knitpicks order!!
my sister brought the package to me on saturday when she came!
i opened it up and look what peeked out....

it's my mason dixon knitting book!!!!
i was so excited to get this book, and so excited to look through it. my sister tried to nab it before i could even crack the cover.

when i get a new book or magazine i'm kinda weird about it. i love to read magazines, but the first time i just look at it, i just flip through--then i go back and actually read articles and look closer at things. it's weird, i know, but i love magazines.

i'm loving this book and i know why everyone at the KAL is doing washrags. i will have to go looking for some sugar n creme.

i also got the andean silk for my hourglass sweater.

yes, it's orange. i love orange and i really really want to knit this sweater, like NOW!!!
i so want to cast on, but since i want to finish the tank, the baby-jaywalkers, and i'm leaving for kenya next friday...i don't' think i should start another project.
yes, kenya in less than 2 weeks.
read more about it here: