Monday, July 10, 2006

argggg we be pirates..

yeah this really has nothing to do with knitting, but it's a break for my brain.
we leave for kenya in 4 days!!! so what did I do??
I took the family to McDonald's...I wanted to spend some time doing something fun with princess b before the real craziness of packing begins.
the happy meal is a pirates of the Caribbean, so I was showing her a pirate face.
I think she needs some practice looking scary:

and as for kenya?
aaaah-i'm stressed!!!!

I spent the day shopping for things we need and got that all finished.
I am trying to do "mount washmore" (too much laundry), pack, clean, get my bedroom ready for 3 weeks of company, finish knitting the fruit and veggie hats for the harlots request, figure out what knitting to take to kenya.
there is a woman who went last year who taught the little girls to knit--so there will be knitting in kenya.
oh yes, there will be knitting.
i'm interested to see what they knit and if I can show them anything. they were going to learn to knit in order to sell little projects to make money for the orphanage.
I think that some little dishclothes with a heart or something on them would be cute.

I don't' have any fo's to share.
i'm haven't worked on the baby jays since Friday or so.
the orange tank? here's what became of it:

I realized that you can't rip back a dropped stitch tank, re-knit it, and expect the dropped stitches to be in the same place. just. doesn't. work.
sigh--I don't have the energy to think about knitting it again--all that stockinette with cotton??? also, i e-mailed lionbrand about the missing rows in the pattern. they claim there's nothing wrong with the pattern. i e-mailed them again to let them know that they e-mailed pattern corrections to my sister--they say there's nothing wrong with the pattern. i remind them there are 3 missing rows from the pattern. they say there's nothing wrong with the pattern, maybe my gauge is off.

um..yeah, my gauge is off, but only for the front of the tank where the missing 3 rows are??


so, instead of doing work, i'm sitting here blogging. actually I am sorting and recycling a mound of paperwork that is sitting beside me. that's something, right?